Mega Millions Series IV @ Bicycle Casino March 23rd – April 5th 2012 (7x Entries Investment Package)

Tournament’s URL:
Tournament’s Structure:
(7) entries to MEGA MILLIONS SERIES IV – $1,000,000 GUARANTEE
Total Package: $1750
Available to purchase: 40% (Updated)
List of Stakers:
10% reserved for: Sylvain D (Baillargues,France)

-Expected Attendance: 4000-5000 Players (throughout a 10 days period)
**Minimum investment is 10%/Remember by buying any of the % packages you are receiving all (7 entries) which means if you buy for example: 10% that is as if you bought: $350/7 = $50 a piece for a chance of winning at least: $200,000 USD**
-ITM (In the Money Cash) means that the player would receive at least: $500 for placing within the paying places and then money gradually adds up as ‘player’ moves forward in the tournament.
-Buyers will need to provide an e-mail address to receive the proof of ticket receipt for each tournament that will include (dates/time/price of the event etc…)
-No Refunds under any circumstances,once the payment has been transferred.

**Buyers will be able to follow the player (Live) by receiving live updates with tweeter/facebook.

10% represents: $350
20% represents: $700
30% represents: $1050
40% represents: $1400
50% represents: $1750

Mega Million Series IV (2012)

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