BAPS: “Buy a piece” – Here at ‘Milgrom Endeavor’ we seek for long term partnerships with any types of investors, wether you are starting out, a college student wanting to experiment or even a well established professional.

We offer “LIVE” Packages (Usually 5 tournaments minimum) as well as long term partnerships for: “Alex Milgrom” action and give you the chance to take part of the experience by investing money the same way that one would invest in the stock market.

Find below the “Long Term” Packages, going anywhere from $2000 USD to $10,000 USD – For anything above 10k please contact us at:

Investment Packages

**Current Live Pac

Tournament’s URL:
(7) entries to MEGA MILLIONS SERIES IV – $1,000,000 GUARANTEE
Total Package: $1750
Available to purchase: 50% 

-Expected Attendance: 4000-5000 Players (throughout a 10 days period)
**Minimum investment is 10%/Remember by buying any of the % packages you are receiving all (7 entries) which means if you buy for example: 10% that is as if you bought: $350/7 = $50 a piece for a chance of winning at least: $200,000 USD**
-ITM (In the Money Cash) means that the player would receive at least: $500 for placing within the paying places and then money gradually adds up as ‘player’ moves forward in the tournament.
-Buyers will need to provide an e-mail address to receive the proof of ticket receipt for each tournament that will include (dates/time/price of the event etc…)
-No Refunds under any circumstances,once the payment has been transferred.

**Buyers will be able to follow the player (Live) by receiving live updates with tweeter/facebook.

10% represents: $350
20% represents: $700
30% represents: $1050
40% represents: $1400
50% represents: $1750

Mega Million Series IV (2012)

*1st prize guarantees at least: $200,000 USD

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